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Weight Loss Surgery

Success Stories

Sometimes we think that weight loss surgery is only about losing weight, but it is so much more than just that.  It is about having a vibrant and exciting new life.  It is about doing the things that might have been impossible in the past. It is about the success of having a goal and achieving it. 

Success is measured in many ways. These stories are written by people who struggled with obesity and succeeded in overcoming it.  Some stories are about the big weight loss and some are about the little steps along the way.  Join with me in rejoicing these stories of real people. 

Brenda Duenas Sherrie Boudinot Anna Mattaliano
Cheyenne Wahl Linda Kaiser JoAnne Junkin
Annette Wappes Marisette Edwards Deborah Francisco Bonnie Boudreaux
Wendy Lenny Mandel Debbie Thompson Toni Johnson
Judy Ellis Laura Corati Teesha Mags Loughlin
Amber Harvey Connie Shapiro Kristin Szilagyi Cynthia Pedder
Marcia Sweetin Debbie Holstrom Tina Carter Jo Anna Chacho
Gary Harwood Mary Valentine Nannette Ryan Jesse Keller
Kristine Maier Carol Rodrigue Jennifer Smith Lynn Sperry
Penny Brooks Dianne Dougherty Denise Rasley Rita Jorgenson
Susan Gary Kent Denise Butler Virginia Key


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