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Rita Jorgenson's Success Story

I just wanted to share with you and your readers my success of losing over 140 pounds since my surgery May 9, 2001.

In particular, my husband and I just returned from a special vacation to the Umbria area of Tuscany, Italy.  I cannot tell you how elated I was at being able to easily sit in the airplane seats this trip with no seat belt extender!  I was able to put the food trays down while eating or drinking.  It was wonderful.  And oh yes, one more plane adventure the bathroom was a lot bigger this trip than 2 years ago when we went to France.  I had to cram my 437 pounds into that tiny area and then couldn't get up let alone try to get those small doors open. Well, this trip was so different on that account as well.  I could easily turn around and open the doors and had plenty of room to spare.  There is nothing like a 140 pound weight loss to make a plane trip much nicer.

In addition, I was able to do all the walking and sightseeing and keep up with our group. On our return home, my husband thanked me for giving him such a wonderful trip by being able to keep up with everyone and by having a good time too.

My husband is great.  He's my rock and has been my best supporter through the surgery and recovery period.  I'm still recovering as each day brings new challenges.

I'm truly allowing myself to accept and realize what is meant by "the surgery is just a tool" because it will only take just so many pounds off.  The rest will have to come through dedication and honesty in eating, just as before the surgery. But thank goodness the surgery has allowed us "limitations" that we didn't have before.

Your friend in WLS,
Rita Jorgenson

DOS:  5/9/2001
Pre Surgery Weight:  437 pds
Current Total Loss:  -140  pds

Life is great and so very much worth living now!

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