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WLS Center

July 1, 2003 Issue


WLS Center E-Newsletter
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Issue # 27, July 1, 2003
Circulation: 8,282


From the Desk of Barbara Thompson
Author of "Weight Loss Surgery, Finding the Thin Person Hiding Inside You"

** In this Issue **

* Survey: Newsletter Frequency
* FAQ: Watching our Children Grow
* Eating While Traveling: Readers Responses
* Live Broadcast of a Lap RNY Procedure
* Announcing the Third Edition
** Survey: Newsletter Frequency **

The results are in and the overwhelming vote was to have the newsletter appear twice a month in a shorter version. Now I just hope that I don’t get too long winded and end up with 2 very long newsletters!

** FAQ: Watching Our Children Grow **

I received this question recently and it touches on what many of us face in regards to our children, so I wanted to share it with all of you.

Dear Barbara,

I recently heard you speak at Latrobe Hospital in March. You were wonderful! I got good advice and information.

I have lost 140 pounds in 9 months and am thrilled with my progress, as is my family. But I am concerned about my 15 year old daughter who has genetic tendencies for obesity from both sides of the family. We now wear the same size and she is very upset about that. She refuses to take my advice about eating and in the last 2 days she has eaten nothing but junk food. I was upset because there is a lot of much healthier food in the house to eat. I don’t know what to do. I want to help her to not get any heavier. She has gained about 30 pounds since Christmas. I have tried to explain how unhappy I was all through school and college because of my weight. She just doesn’t want to hear it. Any advice would be appreciated.



I know it is heartbreaking to see your child headed for the same problems that you faced.  But most of us were lectured and yelled at by our parents, some were even made fun of.  Yet it made no difference. If anything, it probably made the situation worse. 

I am a great believer in positive reinforcement and setting an example. Let your daughter know when you are exercising and let her see you eat healthy food.  And when she does anything positive, like eat a salad or exercise, then praise her.  Don't say, "It's about time that you are doing that."  Just help her to feel good about herself. She knows what she is doing.  She is (like we were) unable to control it at this time.  At least you know that should she become morbidly obese, there is a solution for her.  In the meantime, show her as much love as you can for the person that she is inside.

** Eating While on Vacation **

I received some excellent responses on the subject of eating while on vacation that I posed in last month’s issue. There were many suggestions that I will use on my next trip! Here they are:

When eating out, order a protein-based appetizer and a side salad and you have more than enough for a meal. I find it difficult not to gorge myself on a dinner, so this built-in portion control works nicely for me.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I travel a lot on business, often for a week at a time and here's I do:

Upon arriving at my destination I find the closest grocery store and buy the following items:

** Rye crisp and peanut butter (great for breakfast or a snack)
** A couple of apples, bananas or small pop-top cans of fruit in juice (which I drain or rinse out)
** Small cans of chicken, turkey, or tuna
** Knife, fork and spoon (disposable if I don't have checked baggage)
** Splenda or Sweet & Low
** Herbal tea
** Baby carrots and a green pepper that I slice into strips
** Bottled water
** Raw, unsalted nuts

None of these items require refrigeration and they hold up well in the ice bucket.

Dinner is usually the only meal I eat out when I'm on the road and then my favorites are the appetizers, fish, shrimp, crab, or anything with ground meat and no pasta, and hearty soups.

If I have a refrigerator available I take the leftovers back to the hotel for a meal another night. Most hotels have microwaves in the lobby area if not in the room. I've even reheated soups (non-cream-based only) by putting them in the coffee pot and on a pre-heated warmer. Do not pour through the machine!!!

Hope this helps!

Edie Payleitner

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In response to your travel tips, recently I drove from Atlanta to Philadelphia. In the past I would stop at fast food places along the way for meals just to keep driving.  This time I packed a cooler with fat free cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, and applesauce - all the staples I use to on my diet and in keeping on the plan. I continued to lose weight. I made sure I had taken enough so I had some while visiting my sister and did not have to worry her with my food needs. I did the same for the return trip home.

Patricia Wills

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hi Barbara,

I had lap RNY surgery on March 11th of this year, and I am already 72 pounds lighter. My tip for vacation travel is, if you are taking a cooler for your water bottles, freeze the bottles first (you might want to empty just a little of the water before you freeze them so they don't break). The water will have ice in it most of the day, and the ice in your cooler will last a lot longer and it will help to keep your other stuff cold. The water will stay nice and cold for a long time.

Lori Durbin

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You can purchase a heater/cooler for about $80 at Wal-Mart or Target.  They will hold enough food if you need to keep it warm till a certain time or cold in the hotel.  It uses the power from your car so it isn't that inconvenient.  I am going to get one for me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In your newsletter you advised in a hotel room with a mini bar, emptying it out and using it for your food...I would advise AGAINST that.  Many hotel mini bars use a security system that uses sensors to see if anything is removed from them and the room is then charged for these items.  This was a VERY costly lesson

I learned while staying in a hotel recently.  I removed the items from the mini bar and used it to hold my food during my stay.  Imagine my shock when I received a bill for these items...almost $75.00 worth.  You might want to warn people if they are going to use that method to have the hotel come in and clear out the mini bar them selves instead of the guest doing it. It can be quite costly!!!

** Live Broadcast of a Lap RNY Procedure **

Here is an announcement for an event that has already happened. Although the live broadcast is over, you can access the tape of the broadcast for the next month by going to the indicated web address.

June 23, 2003 - New York City Surgeon to Perform Weight Loss Surgery Live on the Internet

Popular NBC weatherman Al Roker continues to shed pounds since he underwent a popular weight loss surgical procedure last year known as gastric bypass surgery. His ongoing success with weight loss is easy for millions of American television watchers to see. But now, the American public can view the actual surgery, performed via a live Webcast from Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, on June 23 from 5pm to 6pm EDT.

James (Butch) Rosser, MD, director of minimally invasive surgery at Beth Israel, who himself underwent bariatric surgery in August 2001 (and has since lost 150 pounds), will perform the surgery, which is designed for the more than five million Americans who suffer from clinically severe, or morbid, obesity. Dr. Rosser will perform the surgery via a minimally invasive procedure known as laparoscopy, where several, small surgical incisions are made instead of one long incision, as in conventional “open” surgery. The result is significantly less post-operative pain, risk of infection and recovery time.

Gastric bypass surgery has been endorsed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the World Health Organization, The American Obesity Association, the Heart Association, and Shape Up America.

To Access the Broadcast:

** Announcing the Third Edition **

I am very excited to announce that we are now shipping the 3rd edition of my book!! I know that many of you have waited eagerly for this update of my popular weight loss surgery guidebook and it is now available!!!

The 3rd Edition features an extensive revision of the vitamin section, an expanded section on the lap band so that both sides of the surgery option issue are represented, and new information on how occupational therapy can help a patient..

I am happy to be able to keep this book updated with the most current information available.

If you do not have your copy of my book “Weight Loss Surgery; Finding the Thin Person Hiding Inside You,” what are you waiting for? Many surgeons all across the country will not allow their patients to have the surgery unless they have read my book. Click Here to order your copy.

** Success Stories Wanted **

I am getting desperately low on Success Stories. I know there are thousands of you who have stories to share that will inspire others. Click Here to see past success stories. Click on any of the names to see examples of success stories, write yours and send it to me with your before and after picture in an attached file or send the pictures to me at 488 Diablo Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15241.

Email your story to me at so that I can include it in future issues.


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