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Telephone Seminars
Hosted by
Barbara Thompson

What is a Telephone Seminar?

A telephone seminar is simply a big telephone conference call. You don't need any special equipment-just a telephone. You call a special number; punch in the super-secret code (see below), and you're connected. You're then part of a giant "party line."

How Does a Telephone Seminar Work?

I will announce via my e-newsletter what guests I will have and if you decide that a topic and guest speaker sound interesting and if the telephone seminar is at a time when you can participate, you will need to pre-register over the internet with a credit card.  I supply the URL for you to register. After you register you will be sent an email with the phone number to call and a security code.

About 5 minutes prior to the start time of the telephone seminar, you will call the phone number that you have been provided and enter the access code. You will then be on a sort of “party line” with other people who have also signed up, along with me and with the guest.  At the start time, I will introduce the guest, put everyone on mute, and interview the guest.  About every 15 minutes I will ask if there are any questions and you will have the chance to ask your questions directly of me or the guest.  You may tape record the session if you would like. 

At the end of the telephone seminar, I will be offering some very special offers to those who have participated. About 6 weeks after the telephone seminar, I will send you a copy of the telephone seminar on CD.

Why Should I Participate In a
Telephone Seminar

  You get to learn directly from experts in the field

  You have an opportunity to have all of your questions answered

  You receive a CD of the telephone seminar that you will be able to play over again for information and inspiration

  You are part of a very personal learning session

   Telephone seminars are fun

Past Seminars

Dr. Denise Lamothe

End Emotional Eating

J. Peter Rubin, MD

“Plastic Surgery:
The Inevitable Next Step?”


Jon Gestl

You Can’t Reach Goal

without It

Chef David Fouts

“It's All About Food” with guest Chef David Fouts


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