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With Guest Host
Jon Gestl

What: Barbara Thompson Interviews Exercise Guru, Jon Gestl

Jon Gestl’s interest in fitness began as an out of shape senior in high school when he signed up for a weight training class because he thought it would be an easy class to cut at the end of the day. He was hooked on fitness from then on and spent every free moment learning about exercise theory, fitness and nutrition.

The kid always picked last for teams in gym class went on to become a national and world-ranked athlete. He is a US National Sportsaerobic Champion, winning the silver medal in 2000 and bronze in 2001. He has appeared on ESPN and ESPN2 in the sport nicknamed the “toughest two minutes in sports.”

Jon Gestl is a personal fitness trainer and group exercise instructor in Chicago.  As a former counselor and educator, Jon utilizes the unique combination of psychology and exercise science to help people overcome both mental and physical obstacles to realize their fitness and health potential.  His business specializes in providing on-site fitness training and instruction to those who are too busy or intimidated to go to gyms. This is emphatic in his motto, "Inhome, Inoffice, Inshape!"  

Telephone Seminar Topics Include:
Preparing for surgery
Exercise after surgery starts with day one – ugh!
An exercise program and how to progress through your weight loss journey
How to exercise if you have limited mobility, a bad back, bad feet, or are wheel chair user?
What if you just hate to exercise?
How do you stay motivated to keep exercising?
What to do if you have stopped losing weight and still have 30 pounds to go
How to maintain your weight with exercise. Can you do it without it?
Are you doomed if you have a slow metabolism?
“Must have” home equipment on a budget
Are personal trainers really worth it?
The difference between aerobic and weight training exercises
Dealing with plateaus through exercise
Overcoming those mental obstacles to exercise
Is stretching worth the time?
Why we can’t be successful without exercise

Having Fun with Jon

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