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“It's All About Food”
Audio CD

with Guest Host
Chef David Fouts

David Fouts is an extraordinary chef who, since his surgery in January of 2002, has turned his skills to finding ways that weight loss surgery patients can lose and maintain their weight while eating delicious food. David is the author of “Culinary Classics; Essentials of Cooking for the Gastric Bypass Patient.”  David is also the featured chef this year in WLS Lifestyles Magazine.  Barbara Thompson interviewed David Fouts on Wednesday January 14, 2004 during a teleseminar which is now an audio CD.

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Telephone Seminar topics:
* Day One to Day Fourteen. I’ve had surgery, now what?
* How you can make those awful pureed foods incredibly good!
* How you can make those first few months not only bearable but enjoyable
* Did you know some types of protein are better for you than others?
* Eat less and enjoy it much much more
* Essential questions to ask in a restaurant.
* Make those tasteless proteins delicious with marinades and sauces.
* How to make carb-free sauces
* Find the secret ingredient that makes everything taste better
* Know which carbs are better than others
* How to stock your kitchen. Which tools are musts.
* I am one year post op and hungry. Has my surgery failed? Find out the answer and what to do about it.
* How do I eat for the long term?


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